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Hey! *nervous wave*

I am making a research project on suicidal and non-suicidal self-injurious behavior as part of an archival study for my future thesis - AND I NEED YOUR WISDOM!!

I am especially interested in the diagnostic implications of the behaviors, and how specialized social networks could be an asset to acquiring information in real-time about scenarios of self-injurious behaviors.

Diagnostics and its development in this sphere is, from what I have seen, based largely on retrospective report - information is acquired when the behavior has occurred a particular amount of time ago - which can in several ways fail to reveal the true nature of the behavior and/or situation as it actually happened, and subsequently affect diagnosis and/or treatment.

But how do you acquire data that is more true to life? You cannot ethically observe a self-injurious behavior in action. And you definitely cannot induce it in laboratory settings for the sake of data!

A selectively anonymous social network like Tumblr (selectively anonymous as in this sure as hell isn’t Facebook!) and the amount of raw emotional real-time textual/visual information - observably posted for almost any personal experience or situation - could, in my opinion, be a potential platform for improved data collection.

SO - I am asking you to bombard me with any information on scientific studies, personal experiences/opinions/projects, and the like that you would like to share on this topic.

Additionally, I am looking for bloggers who have posted or still post content (text or images, personal or shared) related to self-injurious behavior and/or anything they consider related, who would like to volunteer as data collection subjects.